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Sephiroth/Hotaru: Leather and Lust [Mar. 18th, 2008|11:08 pm]
Ravings of a Bunny: Usagi Vindaloo's fic/icon/art


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Title: Leather and Lust
Fandom: Sailor Moon/Final Fantasy VII
Pairing/Character: Sephiroth/Sailor Saturn
Rating: NC17 for smut, rough sex, language
Summary: Sequel to lady_pamina's ficlet, A Lesson In Fashion. Hotaru has a new outfit to show off to Sephiroth... and a new demeanor too.
Dedication: lady_pamina, the other member of my Psychic Fangirl Link ^^
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. Final Fantasy VII belongs to Square Enix, Nomura Tetsuya, etc.
Author's Note: I was going for a bit of a different effect than my usual smut scenes... a little less "romantic", a little more raw and primal. Hopefully I kept a decent balance! ^_^

When Hotaru had that sort of grin on her face, it was either a good sign or a bad one.

Admittedly, 90% of the time, it ended up being a very good thing, but Sephiroth still felt a slight twinge of apprehension when his lover walked through the door to their bedroom, grinning like a cheshire cat, hands full with two big shopping bags.

He looked up from the book he was reading, eyebrow arched. "I see you went shopping?" he asked, while mentally trying to guess what was in those bags to make her look so smug and satisfied.

"Hmm? Oh, sort of..." Hotaru giggled, and Sephiroth was struck by how she sparkled when she was in this sort of mood. Slight apprehension aside, he found it massively endearing. "I was just with Setsuna-mama... she made a new outfit for me." Her eyes gleamed like a cat who had just found the cream, and the innocent note in her voice sounded calculating. "Mind if I try it on and model it for you? I'd love to hear your opinion."

Sephiroth blinked. "I'm not sure how my opinion will count, seeing as I'm not knowledgeable about fashion at all." His lips quirked up at the corners, and his voice tinged with amusement. "Unless this is some devious plan of yours that will involve lingerie. Perhaps this is a trap."

Hotaru giggled, her sweet tinkling laughter making his heart swell with love and desire. "No, no trap! And afraid no lingerie either, though that never stopped you before." She smiled slyly at him. "Just an outfit that I want you to see."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. This was growing rather mysterious, and his curiosity was piqued. While he had been forced to "endure" the rare post-shopping fashion show before, she'd never acted quite this way before... and that smile on her face was both enticing and somewhat intimidating. "What kind of outfit is it?" he asked conversationally, reaching out to take one of the bags from her.

She skittered out of reach, her sweet little mouth curved in an adorable grin. "Oh no, you don't get to see it yet," she said. "I'll want to put it on and model it for you first."

A surprise, huh? Sephiroth thought to himself. Despite himself and his lack of interest in fashion, he couldn't help but be intrigued by her reticence and her obvious excitement. "Well then, go and put it on... I want to see what the big deal is now."

Smiling, Hotaru leaned down and kissed him once quickly on the forehead, then slipped off into the corner, where a dressing screen stood to shield her from his vision. He heard the rustle of bags and packages as she put them down and began to rummage through them. Rubbing his forehead bemusedly, the kiss still tingling, Sephiroth went back to his book, though he remained distracted as he kept one ear open for her.

His hearing was far more acute than most, so he was able to pick out individual sounds and guess at what she was doing. First there was the soft and enticing rustle as she cast off her civilian clothes. Then there were subtler sounds of small bottles being opened and capped... makeup bottles, perhaps? Sephiroth smiled to himself; whatever she was planning, it was obvious she'd gone the full nine yards and was skimping on nothing.

Then there was a heavier, more mysterious rustle... the almost hollow sound of heavy, stiff fabric. Leather, perhaps? Sephiroth raised an eyebrow as his imagination started to go wild; the idea of Hotaru in leather was exceptionally pleasant, to say the least. The deep rustle was punctuated with the occasional tinkle of metal, as if from a belt or buckle. The book in Sephiroth's hand was forgotten as he craned to listen, his mental eye picturing all sorts of intriguing pictures, each one more enticing than the last.

Another rustle, this one even heavier and more bulky sounding than the last. What was she doing back there? Some smaller noises followed, too small to be identified... then unexpectedly, a slight annoyed grunt from Hotaru.

More followed, along with soft muttering as the faint noises continued. Whatever was going on, it was annoying Hotaru somehow. The muttering grew in intensity until suddenly she burst forth with, "Goddamnit, how do you get into these things?"

Sephiroth blinked. "Uh, are you okay?" he called out, slightly concerned.

"Hmm? Oh, yes thank you," she replied, grunting a little from some mysterious exertion. "It's just I've never had to actually put these on myself befor- ah, there we go!" Another grunt, and she seemed satisfied.

Now Sephiroth was REALLY curious. "What sort of outfit is this, anyway?"

"Well... remember that one time we were in the training room?"

Oh boy, did he ever. She didn't even have to specify which time she meant; his blood burned at the mere memory of it. "Oh yes, I remember."

"Remember how I ripped the sleeves off your jacket?"

"Yes... you had them fixed, as I recall."

"Yes, but when I got them fixed, I... well, I talked with Setsuna a bit and made a special order."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "What... kind of special order?"

A pause. Then her voice grew lightly playful. "Remember what you said about me looking good like that?"

He chuckled. "Indeed I do. You looked amazing."

"Even just in a ripped trenchcoat, boots, and nothing else?" Her voice was teasing.

"Especially just in a ripped trenchcoat, boots, and nothing else," he smirked. "Still, I don't know what that has to do with..."

Suddenly, realization hit him, and he stopped, stunned.

"I thought I looked good too," Hotaru's voice was now soft and sultry. "And so..."

She stepped out from behind the screen.

Sephiroth's throat went dry.

She was wearing his coat.

Well, not exactly. It was certainly styled around his coat, a deliberate echo of the real thing when it had wrapped around her after their sexual sparring match. The leather was of the same high quality, black as night, and had the same trimmings. The sleeves were gone, ripped off like the jacket she had despoiled during their match. While the chest was not open like his, it plunged daringly low, and showed off the matching halter strapped in an X across her chest. Even the belt had the same SOLDIER symbol as his own.

But while his coat had been large and bulky on her, this was cut perfectly to fit her body stylishly and seductively. What was loose and heavy on him was tight and flowing on her. It was not so much a coat, but an actual dress, sleek and gorgeous on her form. The top was cut close like a bodice, showing off every curve on her beautiful form. And the length... it was not the stiff, voluminous folds of a trenchcoat. The leather was lighter, and was both loose and clinging, flowing down her hips and legs like a river of black, as elegant and stylish as an evening dress. The result made it look like his coat was clinging to her, hugging her body as if it were a lover in its own right.

The book in Sephiroth's hand dropped on the desk, utterly forgotten, as Sephiroth unabashedly gaped at her. Dimly, he wondered if it was natural to develop an erection so quickly based on a single beautiful vision.

Hotaru smiled, bringing attention to her features. He realized with a shock that she was wearing far different makeup than normal. Usually, she preferred light lip glosses, faint pinks and shadows, and very subtle effects, when she bothered with makeup at all. Today, however, she'd gone for something much more noticeable. Her eyes were lined with deep purple eyeshadow, and her eyelashes had the long, heavy look of mascara. Her lips, usually a soft pink, were now a vibrant red, shining with color. There was even a faint dusting of red on her cheeks. It was dramatic, but nothing was overdone, nothing made her look cheap or common. She looked like a mistress of seduction, all heavy-lidded and pouting lips, and it was as sexy as hell.

She seemed to realize it too, because the smile on her face was different than the usual shy, sweet smile that usually graced her features. Her lips curved with seductive confidence, filled with promise and amusement. She walked towards him slowly, her hips swaying lightly from side to side as she exuded flirtatious teasing. Her movements were the graceful motions of a predator stalking her prey... albeit very, VERY willing prey. It was as if the leather and the makeup had unleashed a different side of her, a more dominant and fearless side that was ready to flaunt her beauty, her sexuality. Sephiroth was utterly fascinated. Even in the midst of her most desperate passion, he'd never seen her quite like this, so wanton and untamed... but although he absolutely adored her softer, more romantic side, his heart and his body were both very, VERY vocal in their appreciation for this new side of the woman he loved.

As if she could hear his thoughts, Hotaru smirked. Slowly, deliberately, she turned around to present her back to Sephiroth... and Sephiroth saw the firm, rounded curve of her buttocks outlined perfectly underneath the clinging leather. An uncontrollable choked sound escaped from his lips before he could stop it. He felt like every drop of blood in his body was rushing to his loins, leaving him dizzy with lust.

Gods, he wanted her. Wanted her hard and fast, wanted to thrust into her again and again until she screamed in climax.

Hotaru giggled, mocking but without disdain. "So, do you like the dress?" she asked in a husky, seductive voice. She was obviously enjoying playing up the "vamp"... a fact confirmed by the way she reached around behind her and ran her hands over her buttocks in the pretense of smoothing down her dress.

Sephiroth was incapable of coherent speech for at least five seconds. There was something about that dress and that demeanor that hit him straight in his primal, animal lust; he'd been aroused by her so many times, but this was so dramatic that his whole being was in shock. At last, he managed, in a voice thick with desire, "What do YOU think?"

Hotaru glanced down at his obviously tightening pants and - oh god - bit her lower lip seductively. "I'd say that's a yes," she giggled.

"You look..." Beautiful didn't seem to do her justice, even though it was most definitely the truth. Hot seemed so common, even though it was also definitely the truth. In the end, he managed to get out, "... you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen."

For a moment, her calm controlled seductiveness fell away, and she blushed. "Sephiroth... that's kind of you to say..."

"It's not kindness, it's the truth," he murmured absently, feasting his eyes on her leather-clad form. "Of course, you've always been the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen anyway, but... " he trailed off, unable to fully express his appreciation for the outfit (or, conversely, make it clear that this in no way made her other outfits or behaviour any less desirable).

Her blush deepened, and she looked away shyly. The contrast between this vulnerability, familiar and sweet, and her seductive demeanor was entrancing, and he felt a sharp ache in both his chest and his loins. Then it passed, and her manner became flirtatious and sexy again. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet."

She turned to the side with a slight twirl, her eyes still on him. There was a flash of white skin as she moved that first did not register in Sephiroth's aroused brain. Then she twirled again, to the other side, and once more he saw glimpses of creamy, silken skin. At last, he registered what it was, and his brain once more shut down all functions from sheer erotic overload.

Holy... how high up did that slit go?

Laughing huskily, Hotaru twirled in place again, letting him get a full view of the very strategic, VERY high slits that extended up each side of the dress to above her hip. He caught tantalizing visions of smooth, silky thighs as she moved, and his mouth watered. Dimly, he also registered that the lower part of the "coat" was not zipped up; it too slitted up all the way to just below her hips, barely covering her more intimate places.

Apparently not satisfied with merely teasing him with flashes of leg as she moved, Hotaru smirked and pulled over another chair. With the poise and grace of a master courtesan, she placed one leg up on the seat, bent slightly. Sephiroth's eyes widened as they feasted on the vision of her sleek, smooth thigh, extending from her hip to her knee, then down to...

...oh god.

The boots.

They were almost identical to the boots she wore as Sailor Saturn, with the only difference being that these were shiny black as opposed to royal purple. In all other respects, they were the same... long, elegant, laced up the front, and adorned with those ridiculously sexy high heels that had so excited him. A groan escaped from his lips, and he found himself already sweating.

Hotaru, for her part, was milking this for all she was worth. Licking her lips, she ran her hands up the length of the boot, then over the flawless expanse of her bare leg, all the way up to the hip. She earned an uncontrolled gasp for her troubles, and her smirk grew even more satisfied. She carried herself like a queen, with utmost control and power, and in that leather, she carried it off beyond her wildest dreams.

He could see now why there were so many fantasies about women in leather, dominating their lovers and having their way with them. Unbidden, an image rose to his mind... an image of him tied, naked and spreadeagled, to the bed, while Hotaru rode him like a horse, commanding him and taunting him with complete control, and earning eager, wild obedience in return... A proud, egotistical part of him revolted, repelled at the thought of such submission, but another part of him almost panted at the notion, excited beyond measure at the thought of submitting to this beautiful "mistress".

Finishing the show she was giving him, Hotaru stepped down from the chair and walked over to the wall of their bedroom. Leaning back against it, she treated him to a whole new show, her hands sliding seductively down the curves of her body. She moaned at the slight contact, and everything in Sephiroth's body and soul moaned with her.

She was so sexy. And she KNEW it... There was no shyness, no worries about not being good enough for him... the leather and the makeup and the boots made it impossible for her to falter. She held herself like a reward to him, and Sephiroth could think of no better prize in the universe.

"So," she murmured, "are you going to sit there all day, or are you going to do something?" She pouted. "I'd hate to think you weren't interested."

Oh, if she only knew just how wild he was to take her right now... "I..." he attempted to regain some coherence, explain his inaction. "... I wanted to admire the dress before I ripped it off you."

Hotaru laughed, and it sounded a little like her "usual" self. "How gentlemanly of you, kind sir," she whispered huskily, still absently caressing her curves. "But then you've always been a very thoughtful lover." Beneath all the teasing lust in her voice, there was a note of sincerity that made his insides shiver.

"I'd do anything for you," Sephiroth whispered hoarsely. It seemed one benefit of being nearly insane with lust was that his brain wasn't in a state to overthink the sentiments he wanted to say; they just came out, as is. "A thoughtful lover is the least of what you deserve."

For a brief moment, Hotaru struggled to remain "in character", her smooth seductive smile warring with an expression of tenderness and longing. It made her even more beautiful. Finally, she regained her confident mien. "Perhaps... but there are some very mild drawbacks to being thoughtful. Such as overthinking things." She chuckled softly, swaying her hips lightly. "As for this dress... there's no need to worry about ripping it. Because there's something you might not be aware of yet."

Sephiroth swallowed, his throat dry. "What?"

Her eyes sparked, and she leaned forward slightly to whisper, "I'm not wearing anything under this dress."

If Sephiroth had been burning with arousal before, he was now instantly consumed at her words. It was like an explosion going off in his head. He was moving before he even realized it, launching across the room and slamming Hotaru against the wall, the impact jogging him back to the very pleasant reality.

His mouth was on hers instantly, devouring her with the force of his need, savoring those little cries of satisfaction from deep in her throat. Grabbing one of her legs, those long slender legs that looked so perfect in those boots, he wrapped it around his waist as his hungry hands pushed the folds of her dress aside. Sure enough, his fingers found instantly that she spoke the truth; beautiful wet heat greeted his touch, welcoming him. Hotaru cried out in pleasure as he fiercely drove one finger, then two, pumping in and out at high speed. At the same time, he ground against her desperately, the tight leather over his cock pressing firmly against her sex. She squeezed him closer with the one leg, pressing him even closer. Out of his mind with lust, he tried to unzip his pants with the same hand that was stroking her, fingers dancing between them. After a moment of fumbling, he was able to free his cock. The warmth and wetness of her sex beckoned to him, and he broke off the kiss to moan, eyes closed.

"Don't hold back," Hotaru gasped suddenly. Sephiroth blinked his eyes open, looking down at her. "Don't be gentle either," she moaned. "Not this time. I want it hard this time. I want it fast, and hard. I want you to..." suddenly, she blushed, unable to finish the sentence.

Sephiroth realized what she had been about to say. They'd never used the word to describe their intimate moments; it had always seemed far too crude and nowhere near romantic enough to describe what they shared. That's why, if they ever put a name to it, they said they "made love". But right now, in the animal heat of the moment, with all this primal need and lust, the word suddenly worked. It was dirty, it was rough, it was perfect. He smirked. "It's all right. Say it. I want to hear you say it."

Hotaru looked him right in the eye, and with a voice filled with desire, with a hint of begging, she said the two simple words.

"Fuck me."

With a roar, Sephiroth did just that. He plunged into her with all the force of his desire, thrusting deeply, almost violently into her. Far from being hurt, Hotaru screamed out her pleasure, lifting her other leg and wrapping both around his waist, letting him take her weight. The thought of those long, slender legs around him, with those amazing leather boots locked behind him, drove Sephiroth out of his mind with pleasure, and he set an almost frantic pace, thrusting into her as if his life depended on it.

For once, neither of them were naked, so there was no exploration of bare breasts or chest... but frankly, neither of them gave a damn. This was something new and exciting... no foreplay, no tender touches, just raw sex. Not that there was anything wrong with foreplay - how could there be? - but there was something savagely refreshing about hammering into his lover and having her thrust right back.

They climaxed much quicker than usual, probably due to the relentless pace. Sephiroth slammed Hotaru against the wall so hard he thought he'd break either it or her, and roared as he orgasmed; Hotaru shrieked and clawed his back as she spasmed around him. Panting, they slumped against the wall. Hotaru slid down a little, slipping off his length with a soft wet sound, leaning against the wall while she gasped for air. Sephiroth loomed over her, his own breaths low and quick in his ears.

It took a moment or two for him to realize that he wasn't done yet. The climax had been amazing, but... it felt like only the appetizer to a banquet. He was still hungry. His cock twitched in anticipation, already hardening again. Sometimes superhuman stamina and metabolism had its advantages, especially when it came to refractory periods.

Hotaru must have had a similar thought, as her gaze fell on his hardening sex. Moaning softly, she turned around, presenting her back to Sephiroth. Reaching down behind her, she parted her dress to expose the smooth white curve of her buttocks, thrust out invitingly to him. She leaned forward, bracing herself against the wall, ready for him, gazing at him with hooded eyes.

No further invitation was necessary. He thrust inside her again, the way already slick with their mutual passion, and she cried out as he took her, rough with passion, hard but never hard enough to hurt... or at least, if it hurt, it was in the best way imaginable. Hotaru bucked back against him, thrusting her rear against his body as she drove him even deeper into her with each motion. The room filled with the soft rhythmic noise of leather pants hitting flesh again and again, and a tumult of groans and sighs. The second climax was even fiercer, and he clenched his teeth and hissed as he clenched her breasts from behind, squeezing them through the leather of her dress as he used them for leverage. Hotaru groaned as her folds pulsed around him, a gush of warmth coating the place where they joined.

As they parted, her legs buckled, and she began sliding to her knees. Carefully, Sephiroth caught her by the waist, guiding her down gently until she kneeled in front of him... with her hands still against the wall for balance, her rear still exposed and thrust up towards him as she rested on her knees. Sephiroth swallowed as, unbelievably, his lust flared again. How did she manage this, to please him so well and yet leave him aching for more? It was like he'd been drugged with desire. "I can't resist you," he whispered, not realizing he said it aloud until he heard it in the air.

"Then don't," Hotaru whispered back. She looked over her shoulder at him, shifting a little on her knees to get comfortable. "I don't want you to resist. I don't want you to hold back." Her eyes shimmered with need. "Please..."

Sephiroth answered her plea as if compelled. Moments later, they moved in rhythm together once more, Hotaru on her hands and knees as Sephiroth thrust into her from behind. She panted in time with each motion, her body slick with sweat and glistening where the leather did not cover. Sephiroth grasped her waist, pulling her against him again and again, surrendering utterly to the mindless pleasure of their union. When they climaxed a third time, and Hotaru sank against the wall, gasping for air, he gave his hands free rein, letting them wander and touch every inch of exposed skin, and even some that wasn't exposed. She cooed in pleasure as he lavished her with attention.

Then he grasped her leg, looped it over his shoulder, and began again...

Hotaru hadn't realized quite what she was in for when she begged Sephiroth not to hold back. Given his part-alien physiology, he was entirely capable of lasting long beyond what any normal man could hope for, and could go for hours if the mood was right. And the mood was most definitely right, as he took Hotaru again and again, in multiple positions, each time eager with lust. No sooner had one climax claimed them then he was moving again, preparing to take her in some other fashion. His lover was almost overwhelmed by the sheer passion she'd unwittingly unleashed in him. Not that she was at all upset, of course... and she was more than willing to give him a taste of her own lust. One minute she rode him, bucking and crying out... the next, he was hammering her into the floor... the next, they were kneeling face to face, bodies tangled together as they moved in unison. Of course, Hotaru's stamina wasn't a match for Sephiroth's, at least not while she was untransformed. Eventually, she flagged, too tired to stand or thrust or even move. Still, she was more than content to lie there, relaxed and boneless, as Sephiroth still thrust into her, wringing climax after climax from her exhausted body.

At last, even Sephiroth's body protested and demanded that he stop. Panting and soaked with sweat, he collapsed next to Hotaru on the floor, barely having the energy to wrap his arms around her. Their outfits were plastered messily against their skin, and the air was thick with the scent of sex. The room was dark, the sun having gone in long ago. For a while, they simply lay together, gasping for breath, dozing lightly from exhaustion.

Finally, Hotaru stirred slightly. "So... you like the dress?" she mumbled, her voice slurred from passion and fatigue.

Sephiroth somehow found the energy to chuckle. "Definitely. In fact, I'd like to order six more from Setsuna." He snuggled closer, nuzzling her neck. "That way it won't be a problem if I rip one or two of them in the heat of the moment."

Hotaru giggled. "I'm not sure Setsuna-mama will want to know that."

"Oh, like she doesn't already know, from all the screaming that's been going on for the past few hours."

She laughed again. For a while, they lay together in companionable silence, looking up at the ceiling above them as they rested in each other's arms. When she spoke again, there was a soft quality to her voice once more. "Sephiroth?"


She rolled over slightly so she could look at him, her eyes glimmering with tenderness. Gently, she reached out and touched his cheek. "You..." she hesitated, "... you make me feel sexy."

"You ARE sexy," Sephiroth began to protest, but was silenced by her finger on his lips.

"You don't understand... I never..." she shook her head. "I never dreamed I could feel like this... when you're watching me, when you look at me like that, I feel... I feel beautiful. And when you touch me... I feel free... free to do things like this..." she blushed fetchingly. "I... I've never done anything like this before, I didn't think I could act that way... but... it felt... good. Like... like I was someone strong and in control and wanton and seductive...." She met his gaze, eyes shining. "You... you give me the courage to be like that. You... you're the only person who does. The only person... who makes me feel sexy."

His heart melted, and he pulled her close, embracing her tightly. "And you," he whispered in her ear, "you are the only woman who can make me mad with desire... the only one who can just look at me and kiss me and make me lose all sense of control." He kissed her cheek gently. "I didn't know what passion was until I met you. That means... so much to me. I... thank you."

"Sephiroth..." she whispered, eyes shimmering with understanding and gratitude. "I love you."

He kissed her. "I adore you."

And as there was nothing more to be said, they cuddled together, warm and safe in each other's arms, letting their exhaustion and tender embrace lull them into a satisfying sleep.

AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: I hope this was a decent bit of smut. I wanted to try something a bit different in terms of the sex, which I hope ended up being decently hot. I wanted to drive home the notion that this was something rather new for them, being so rough and passionate compared to their usual gentler approach. Also, I wanted to have the encounter, being new and unusual, be really exciting for them both... yet at the same time, not overshadowing or being "better" than their usual lovemaking. To be honest, I sort of see this kind of encounter as being rather rare... I like the gentler, tender passion we usually write. ^^ But I can totally see that every now and again, they get into a mood where it's like, "Right, time to utterly break the bedframe, pound cracks in the wall, and ride each other into the floor." A change of pace, if you will... not better, not worse, simply just as fun in a different way. ^^

In regards to the use of the word "fuck", that was very careful and deliberate (though I nearly didn't use it). For the most part, I NEVER use the word to describe their intimate moments, and they don't use it either. It just doesn't match the mood 99% of the time, and I do find it a bit vulgar. However, it IS a good word to evoke the aforementioned, "break the bedframe/floor/wall" type of sex, that sort of primal sex that they're having here. Hence why I had Hotaru use the word. Don't worry, she's certainly not going to use it that often, and never to describe their usual moments (that's "lovemaking", imho ^^)... but it's nice for her to have shorthand for what kind of sex she wants ("Make love to me," vs. "Fuck me!")

Lastly, I hope I didn't belabor the point about Hotaru's changed demeanor too much. I didn't want to suggest that she only has confidence when she's in leather, or that she's not wanton the rest of the time. On the other hand, I didn't want it to come across as, "this is the NEW AND IMPROVED Hotaru who totally and absolutely recognizes she's sexy, and will never be shy or blushing or unsure again, blah blah blah." I saw the encounter as her wanting to try something a bit different to match the mood/theme of her outfit. After all, she WAS all in leather, and I could envision her thinking, "Hmm, I look like a bit of a sexy vamp... maybe I should try acting it!" and going along with the "character" of the dress. Once she started, and could feel Sephiroth's obvious desire, it was easy to get into the moment and really FEEL sexy and seductive. Again, that doesn't mean she's going to be doing it every single time (I like the way we usually write her), just that she tried something new that was a lot of fun and made her feel very confident and beautiful. Also, not trying to suggest she's not sexy and seductive most of the time ;-), just in a bit of a different way.

Anyway, sorry if you don't like it, Lady Pam... if so, holler and I'll try and write something else. >.>

[User Picture]From: usagivindaloo
2008-03-28 04:53 am (UTC)

That was just the sort of thing my tired brain needed. ^^ I've been feeling a bit exhausted lately, no particular reason, and today just found me in a bad mood... but this was so lovely, it cheered me up right away. ^^ The last line was so sweet and adorable and moving... you captured Sephiroth's thoughts so perfectly. ^^ Thanks so much!

I have about half of a ficlet written, but I'm going to be going down to Seattle for the next few days, not to be near a computer again until Monday. DX But I will get it done sooner or later. ^^
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